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Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate PUSH and PUSH 20+ (Supplement for Healing) from Global Health Products

Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate PUSH and PUSH 20+ (Supplement for Healing) from Global Health Products

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Wound Care Supplement

A patented blend of powdered collagen dipeptides that helps reduce heal time. Highly concentrated Proline-Hydroxyproline (PO) and Hydroxyproline-Glycine (OG) team up to form a dipeptide formula that is not easily degraded. Studies show that PO and OG reach the cellular level in the skin, bones and joints.

These dipeptides send out signals to cells to energize the collagen peptide production by fibrocytes and chrondrocytes and promotes the growth of hyaluronic acid. This creates resilient tissue, stimulates cell division and aids in wound healing.

    • Found in plasma up to 4 hours after ingestion
    • Absorbed by the human body which in turn stimulates the wound healing process
    • Key to bioavailability and efficacy
    • Clinical Studies Available www.globalhp.com Collagen is a key component to healthy skin. PUSH Collagen Dipeptides work by improving skin structure, which leads to smoother skin texture and a higher level of moisture. Features • Patented blend of highly concentrated dipeptides • Easy to use packets • Mixes easily with 2-3 oz of water • Great tasting pineapple & mixed berry flavors • Will not plug enteral feeding tubes • Sugar & gluten free Benefits • Promotes wound healing1 • Increases skin moisture, elasticity & texture2 • Found in human plasma for up to 4 hours
  • Suggested Daily Intake 2 Packets Daily* Moderate & Severe Wounds

Now available : PUSH 20+

Being Well Essentials Push 20+ Advanced Collage Blend - Liquid Protein 16grams per 1.25 fl. oz Serving- 5 Packets - Apple Flavor - Sugar Free Liquid Protein Supplement

5x (1.25oz packets) = 6.25 fluid oz total in the 5 pack.

FEATURES 20 grams of unique blend of complete protein per 1.25fl oz. packet coupled with patented collagen dipeptides that activate the body's wound healing mechanisms. Optimize your wound healing protocols with nutrition support. Wound dressings help keep the wound bed moist and free of outside contaminents, and adding PUSH 20+ to your protocol optimizes patient care.


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