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Kilkai Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile (500 ml)

Kilkai Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile (500 ml)


The Curico Valley in Chile offers olive trees the perfect growing region. Cold winds from the Humboldt Current bring morning fog, while winds from the Andes bring cooler temperatures at night. Wet winters and long hot summers seal the deal on developing the ideal olive. Austral Family Estates has been producing the finest olive oil here since 2006.

Their award-winning Kilkai Extra Virgn Olive Oil is obtained by cold extraction immediately after its harvesting. It has fresh and fruity aromas with light to medium intensity, with a delicate touch of herbs and almonds. Its flavor combines a soft bitterness with a light spiciness complemented by equilibrated sweet notes. The secret to Kilkai's winning flavor profile is the abundance of polyphenals in the oil. The success of the oil comes from embracing the Arbequina olive and extracting the oil within 3 hours of harvest.

Kilkai is named after the most valued jewel of the Mapuche (Mapu meaning Land, Che meaning People), natives from the Central South territory of Chile. Kilkai (pectoral jewel) is a beautiful silver jewel with small discs that goes over the chest supported by two silver brooch/clasp-pins (katawe o tupv), one on each shoulder. These discs are engraved with birds, seeds, flowers and other nature designs.

Kilkai is the ideal blend of Arbequina & Arbosana olives.

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