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Viaggio Potato Gnocchi - (17.6oz. package)

Viaggio Potato Gnocchi - (17.6oz. package)


This is a very fluffy and delicate Gnocchi that cooks in under two minutes. This truly the closest you can get to fresh pasta without actually buying fresh pasta. Furthermore, this product is shelf stable so no refrigeration is needed. 

Ingredients: Mashed potatoes 70% (water, dried potatoes flakes 14%containing: potatoes, emulsifier: mono and diglycerds of fatty acids; stabilizer: diphosphate; antioxidant: potassium sulphate, ascorbic palmitate; citric acid, aromas), wheat flour, potato starch, salt, aromas, acidifier: citric acid, preservatives, sorbic acid, a pinch of rice flour.


COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Salt the water slightly, pour the gnocchi into the water when they start to boil. Drain after 1 minute. 

Package size: 17.6 OZ (1.1LB)

5 Servings per package

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